A Woman Owned Business, Peoples’ Productions, LLC provides media consulting to the commercial, non-profit and Government markets. Sherman V. Hill is the Creative Director of Peoples’ Productions, LLC which he manages since its founding in 1998. Under the ownership of his wife, Daria R. Hill, he acts in various capacities as writer, videographer and editor using Apple’s Final Cut Pro in his studio.  Sherman has been a freelance still photographer for over 30 years and S has produced a variety of media presentations for a broad base of clients. These include The Mississippi LEAP Foundation of Jackson Miss., The Lake Arbor Civic Association, Mitchellville, MD, The Fulton County Health Department of Atlanta, GA, Digigraph Media in Silver Spring, Maryland. and Radius Technology, Inc. a  

With the convergence of the Internet, Wireless Communication devices (cell phones, iPods. etc.)  and TV Peoples’ Productions, LLC creates commercials for local businesses desiring to optimize their web presence, and  mixed media advertising by incorporating video in their marketing and advertising programs. Peoples’ also does event videography, which includes weddings, anniversaries, family reunions and genealogies. 

Before moving from the “Left Coast”, in L.A. California Sherman spent 15 years in advertising. Since his arrival to the Washington area in 1994 Mr. Hill has represented a number of high tech companies in the Information Technology Industry serving in the areas of sales, management, training, and recruitment. As a “mixed media” professional Mr. Hill consults with small and medium business to implement “in-house” Digital Video capability for marketing and training purposes. Prior to his arrival in the Washington area Mr. Hill was an Advertising Account Executive for Pacific Bell for 15 years and a consultant to Herman Hill & Associates since 1969. While working with the public relations firm of Herman Hill & Associates he did work for Western Airlines, 7up Bottling Co., and The Ebony Fashion Fair. In 1970 Mr. Hill was a consultant on Holiday in Acapulco, the first marketing film effort by a major US airline to target the Afro-American travel market. A native of Los Angeles, Mr. Hill attended public and private schools in that city including UCLA. He also attended Claremont Men’s College and the University of California Berkeley majoring in History. As the son of a well-recognized journalist Herman Hill, Mr. Hill developed a keen interest in writing and photography. He has been a freelance photographer since 1966 covering the turbulent years of "student unrest” beginning with the       Free Speech Movement in Berkeley California. He has worked on both sides of the camera as a model for various magazines as well as the personal photographer of one of the first African-American Beauty Pageant winners in the Miss California 1970 pageant and other fashion models.

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